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Hand made in the UK by Distinctive Chesterfields, our fantastic Captains Chairs are amongst the finest pieces of study furniture available today. Upholstered in the finest leather embelished with wooden baulsters on top a swivel base, our captains chairs represent the pinacle of quality and comfort for this type of seat. This captains design is an update from the original antique version in only 1 aspect as it now adheres to fire safety standards, leaving all other aspects of construction and upholstery as would be found on some of the earliest examples of the captains chair.

Where can i buy a captains chair?

You can buy a traditional captains chair from Distinctive Chesterfields, a family run furniture manufacturer producing hand made chesterfield style furniture for sale worldwide from workshops in the UK. Call Distinctive Chesterfields today on +44(0)1484 663294 or visit our website

How much are Leather Captains Chairs?

The price of a captains chair varies on price depending on the type of upholstery applied. We can supply your new captains chair in a wide assortment of colours and leather finishes from our basic Antique range theough to the luxurious hand finished leathers. Also ask about customising your captains chair with an assortment of feet, stuffing types (foam or horse hair and base types (swivel as standard).

How to spot a high quality captains chair

There are many captains style chairs on the market today and at a glance, these may all seem to be identical but be warned. You do get what you pay for. Heres a few tips on identifying high quality captains chairs based on easy to spot, key details.


Ensure that your captains chair is upholstered in a high grade aniline leather.


Ensure your captains chair is constructed of a solid beech frame.

Nail Work

Check that the polished head nail work on your captains chair is made up of individual nails attached to the frame and not made from (some times cleverly disguised) strings of nail heads.


Check that the casters on your captains chair are high quality and durable as well as decorative.


Check that your captains chair is upholstered using a fire retardent filling.

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